Friday, March 15, 2013

B.O.B Mess Kit-Stainless Steel

If you've been looking for a mess kit for your Bug out bag then I have come across a great mess kit that folds up to fit easily into bag.
High quality polished stainless steel copper bottom:

  • 1 Kit contains:
  • 6.5 fry pan with stay cool locking insulated handle 
  • 6.5 fry pan cover/plate
  • .5 qt. boiling pot with cover
  • 8 oz. plastic cup.: 2 of them.
I love this mess kit and it seems real durable.  I did want to go with aluminum because of the weight issue but it dents and bends easily.  What I do like is the stainless steel doesn't seem that heavy.  It fits great in my alice pack.  Like I said it all fits inside itself.

You can find it here for sale. on Amazon.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2012 Supplies-Hiking Gear-Camping Gear-Prepper Gear and Supplies

hiking gear
Supply for 2012 is not only for your preppers, hikers, campers, but for anyone else that loves the outdoors.  For a prepper we have lots of supplies that are very important to have in your house.  Things that you should supply for 2012 in your house for prepper supplies is food storage, tents, sleeping bags, machetes, water storage, cooking gear, flashlights, first aid kits and more.  Having prepper supplies for you bug out bag is crucial for survival.

Hikers can find their supplies here, like tents, cooking gear, water purifiers, survival guides, alice bags. 

Campers can find supplies for camping, like tents, outdoor cooking supplies, water purifiers, food storage, water storage, survival gear, axes.

No matter what your needs are for survival you can find it here for great prices.  Just view our store above.  So find your 2012 supplies here, or your eotw supplies

Monday, November 19, 2012

EOTW Supplies

With the Mayan Calendar coming to a end and December 21, 2012 coming fast, it's time to prepper.  It's going to be a crazy world and the only way to survive is to stock up and protect the family or yourself.  Here we sell some of the best equipment for all budgets and needs.  Check out are store below for some of the great deals we have to offer. Check out Supplies for 2012